Pastoral Pork


For nearly 30 years, The Pastoral Pork Company has been doing things differently.
We believe that it’s not only possible to produce the finest quality pork, it’s also the right thing to do.

At Pastoral Pork free range, we put a lot of love into everything we do and are committed to producing the finest quality free range pork.
So, you’ll always have the confidence of serving superior tasting pork that’s 100% natural, lean and tender.

our farms

When pigs are free to roam, root and wallow in paddocks, they’re healthier and happier, naturally.  On our free range paddocks in Victoria’s Western District and Wimmera, we champion ethical farming and pasture rotation techniques that quite simply, leave the land in better shape.  Our Large White, Landrace and Duroc breeds have been bred specifically for outdoor conditions. It’s this commitment to humane and sustainable farming practices that makes the Pastoral Pork free range difference.


At Pastoral Pork we know that we have a responsibility to ethical and sustainable farming.

Our simple, centuries-old methods allow our paddocks to reap the benefits of natural fertilisation and crop rotation.

Our pigs, with access to shelter, are free to do what pigs do naturally – wallow, root and roam, then return the nutrients to the soil as fertiliser.

After each cycle, the land is sown to feed crops.

The crops are sown, grown and harvested to form part of the on-going feed cycle and is also used for bedding.

Crops are harvested, baled and stored for future needs and the circle is complete.

A partnership of the highest standards

At Pastoral Pork we’re extremely proud to partner with Peter Bouchier and be the exclusive supplier of  Peter Bouchier Free Range Pork.
The Bouchier Family and Pastoral Pork Company have shared a love of Western Victoria through generations of farmers.
Our families have worked alongside each other to help nurture and raise pigs to deliver quite possibly some of the finest pork product in the world. We share a commitment to the land in the Western District of Victoria.

Pastoral pork Free Range Pork is APIQ FR accredited

Pastoral Pork Free Range Pork is APIQ FR accredited. The pigs are lovingly cared for by experienced Western District farmers who have dedicated their lives to the animals and hold a strong connection and sense of obligation to the land. The pigs are reared to the highest standards, following APIQ FR guidelines for farming and welfare.